What are the questions to ask before joining a trial?

Here are some useful questions by CISCRP (The Center for Information & Study on Clinical Research Participation) for patients, potential study volunteers, and their family members or friends to ask the research staff.

What to expect during a trial?



You talk with the study team to learn about the clinical trial.


Complete Informed Consent

If you want to participate in the trial after talking with the study team, you must sign an informed consent form that explains your rights and responsibilities.



The study team reviews your medical history and conducts a physical exam to determine if you qualify for the clinical trial.



If you qualify, you join a clinical trial. The study team reviews what you need to do and how often.


Study Participation

Your study visits may be days, weeks, or months apart. They may include physical exams, questionnaires, or other procedures.


End of Treatment

The study team may follow up with you to see how you are doing after ending treatment.

After a trial

Data Review

Data Review

After a clinical trial ends, researchers study the information collected during the trial.



After a Phase 1 or 2 trial, the researchers decide whether to move on to the next phase. They may decide to stop testing the treatment if it did not work or was not safe. After a Phase 3 trial, the researchers study the results and decide whether to apply for a marketing authorization for the product.



The results may be published in a scientific journal and on websites like ‘Bayer Clinical Trials Explorer’ and www.clinicaltrials.gov according to Bayer’s Transparency Policy.They may be featured on news media and talked about at scientific meetings and by patient advocacy groups.



Once a new treatment is proven to work safely, it may be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, European Medical Agency, or another health authority; only when it is approved can it become widely used.

Participate in a Bayer trial

Bayer clinical trials study a new treatment’s safety or how well it helps people with a disease/condition. The treatment may be a drug, medical device, or new way of using an existing treatment. You can volunteer to participate in a clinical trial.

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