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What Are Clinical Trials?

Why Participate?

Enhancing Diversity in Clinical Trials

At Bayer, we know there is strength in diversity - a value which is reflected in our commitment to our employees and the population we serve. Through our vision of "Health for all, hunger for none," we are committed to the goal of inclusive clinical trials that represent the diversity required to address the needs of all patients. To accomplish this, we are working with clinicians, research scientists, vendors, health authorities, ethics committees, and partners in patient engagement to ensure that our purpose of "Science for a Better Life" touches every life, regardless of race, ethnicity, sex/gender, age, or any other characteristic that may present a barrier to clinical trial participation.

What To Expect?

Clinical Trial Information Being Reviewed by Patient and Doctor

As the participant, you are at the heart of any clinical study and your rights are our top priority. We want to make sure you know what to expect before and during the trial, learn and understand what happens after the trial concludes, and know what to expect from our commitments to disclosure and publishing of clinical trial results.


If you want to learn more about benefits and risks of medicines, the Bayer's Patient Knowledge Tour page provides you with some useful information on the benefits and risks of drugs and how they are researched, developed, and continuously monitored and evaluated for safety.

Our Efforts To Be Transparent About Clinical Trials

Bayer is fully committed to make information about its planned and ongoing clinical trials publically available. This is done in line with the position of the global pharmaceutical industry associations and related laws. Bayer will also make results of trials in patients public and provide free access to this information on the internet, irrespective of whether the results of a trial for one of our products are positive or negative.

Bayer is committed to sharing of study patient data with qualified researchers as a transparency measure to advance medical knowledge and public health and foster scientific discovery. Data sharing is following international standards to protect patient’s data privacy.

Bayer provides free access to study plans and to results of clinical studies on several publically accessible Clinical Trial Registries on the internet.

To access information on Bayer Trials, please visit the Bayer Clinical Trials Explorer page. To read the complete Bayer Clinical Trial Transparency Policy, please click “read more” below.