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Contraceptive, oral, hormonal

Cycle control and safety of E2-DRSP

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Trial Purpose

The study will be performed as a multi-center, randomized, double-blind, parallel-group trial in fertile women aged between 18 and 35 years inclusive. A total of 600 volunteers will be randomized into one of the six treatment groups. The study will be performed only in Germany. The investigational drug is an oral contraceptive. It contains the estrogen estradiol (E2) and the progestogen drospirenone (DRSP). As the contraceptive efficacy has not yet been proven for these new regimens, even a protection against unwanted pregnancies cannot be assured. The treatments will be applied daily for 7 cycles of 28 days each without pill-free interval, i.e., for 196 consecutive days. Treatment will be initiated after a screening period of approximately 1 to 2 weeks, the latter focused on confirmation of the baseline safety status. Tablet intake will start on the first day of the first menstrual/withdrawal bleeding after Visit 2, regardless of whether the volunteer is a first user (starter) or switching from another COC. In the following cycles, tablet intake is not to be triggered by any bleeding events. The primary objective of this study is to evaluate and compare the cycle control and bleeding patterns of six different treatment regimens with E2/DRSP during administration for 7 treatment cycles. Volunteers will be provided with a diary to document the intake of study medication, any bleeding events, and days without bleeding, pregnancy test results. Safety will be also assessed. During the whole study period, 4 visits are planned. At Screening and Final examination, a thorough physical examination and a gynecological examination (including breast palpation and cervical smear ) will be performed. Blood samples will be taken for safety laboratory parameters.Additional examinations can be performed any time, if this becomes necessary for medical reasons. At Visit 3 or in case of premature discontinuation of study the investigator will discuss options for follow-up contraception with the volunteer. The volunteer can start the intake of a post-treatment OC on the day after the last tablet intake of study medication, after a negative urine ß-HCG test (home pregnancy test) result.

Inclusion Criteria
- Healthy female volunteers 
 - Age: 18 - 35 years (inclusive), smokers must not be older than 30 years at inclusion 
 - History of regular cyclic menstrual periods (with a cycle length between 25 and 35 days) 
 - Willingness to use barrier methods of contraception (condoms with spermicide, diaphragms with spermicide, spermicidal vaginal suppositories) or abstinence during the trial
Exclusion Criteria
- Pregnancy, lactation (less than three menstrual cycles before Visit 1 following delivery, abortion, or lactation) - Obesity (BMI > 30.0 kg/m2) 
 - Abnormal, suspicious or unclear cervical smear (a cervical smear has to be taken at Visit 1 or a normal result has to be documented within the last 6 months before Visit 1) 
 - Laboratory values outside inclusion range at Screening - Any disease that may worsen under hormonal treatment or might interfere with the conduct of the study or the interpretation of the results, as e.g.: - Cardiovascular -- presence or a history of venous or arterial thrombotic/thromboembolic events (e.g., deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction) or of a cerebrovascular accident, including prodromi (e.g., transient ischemic attack, angina pectoris) and conditions which could increase the risk to suffer from any of the above mentioned disorders, e.g., a family history indicating a hereditary predisposition. -- uncontrolled arterial hypertension (repeated measurements of systolic blood pressure > 140 mmHg and/or diastolic blood pressure > 90 mmHg) 
 - Liver -- presence or history of liver tumor (benign or malignant) -- presence or history of severe hepatic disease as long as liver function values have not returned to normal -- jaundice and/or pruritus related to cholestasis -- history of cholestatic jaundice associated with pregnancy or previous COC use 
 - Metabolic diseases -- uncontrolled diabetes mellitus with vascular involvement severe dyslipoproteinemia 
 - Other diseases: any known or suspected malignant or premalignant disease, uncontrolled thyroid disorder, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, severe renal insufficiency or acute renal failure, hemolytic uremic syndrome, sickle cell anemia, porphyria, history of hypertriglyceridemia-associated Pancreatitis, systemic lupus erythematodes, pemphigoid gestationis during a previous pregnancy, Sydenham chorea, herpes gestationis, otosclerosis-related hearing loss, history of migraine with focal neurologic symptoms, epilepsy, current or history of clinically significant depression, hereditary angioedema 
 - Additional sex steroids, other hormonal contraceptive methods (oral, transdermal) during treatment (blister in use at randomization should be finished); intra-uterine devices (IUD) with or without hormone release within 1 month prior to Visit 1, implants within 1 month prior Visit 1, depot progestins within 6 months prior to Visit 1 - Surgical interventions scheduled in the study period

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E2/DRSP (BAY86-4891)
Accepts Healthy Volunteers

Where to Participate


Kreiskrankenhaus Krumbach

Krumbach, Germany, 86381


Praxis Hr. Dr. Karl-Heinz Belling

Berlin, Germany, 13086


Praxis Fr. Dr. B. Heuberger

Berlin, Germany, 12587


Praxis Fr. Dr. K. Maar

Berlin, Germany, 13507


Praxis Hr. Dr. Werner Göttker-Schnetmann

Frankfurt, Germany, 60322


Praxis Fr. Dr. J. Tyagi

Mühlheim, Germany, 63165


Praxis Fr. Dr. G. Gollnick

Dresden, Germany, 01099


Frauenarztpraxis Dr. Robert Hantschel

Dippoldiswalde, Germany, 01744


Frauenarztpraxis Dr. Bernd Pittner

Leipzig, Germany, 04207


Praxis Hr. Prof. Dr. H.-J. Ahrendt

Magdeburg, Germany, 39126


Praxis Fr. Dr. A. Braune

Magdeburg, Germany, 39104


Frauenarztpraxis Dipl. med. Michael Stellmacher

Burg, Germany, 39288


Praxis Hr. H. Thelen

Jessen, Germany, 06917


Praxis Hr. Dr. R. Etzrodt

Gera, Germany, 07545


Frauenarztpraxis Dr. Wetzel

Blankenburg, Germany, 38889


Praxis Hr. Dr. R. Kuett

Nürnberg, Germany, 90491


Frauenarztpraxis Hr. Dr. H. Lindecke

Berlin, Germany, 10247


Praxis Hr. Dr. K. Peters

Hamburg, Germany, 22159


Praxis Hr. Dr. D. Rautenberg

Hamburg, Germany, 21073


Frauenarztpraxis Dr. med. Wolfram Brach

Dietzenbach, Germany, 63128


Praxis Dr. Larbig

Fulda, Germany, 36037


Praxis Hr. Dr. P. Schwaner

Frankfurt, Germany, 65936


Praxis Fr. Dr. C. Burgkhardt

Leipzig, Germany, 04299


Praxis Fr. I. Gröger

Wurzen, Germany, 04808


Praxis Fr. Dr. K. Kopprasch

Dresden, Germany, 01169


Praxis Hr. R. Wähnert

Gera, Germany, 07545

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