Trial Condition(s):

Moderate depression

Study to compare drug Hypericumextract (made from a plant called St. John wort) with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) in quality-of-life benefits and cost of treatment in patients suffering from moderate depressive episodes

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Trial Purpose

Laif® 900, which is a drug based on Hypericumextract made from the plant St. John wort is used to treat patients suffering from moderate depressive episodes. Another drug class commonly prescribed by doctors for this group of patients is selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (for example citalopram).
In this trial researcher want to learn how the quality of life of patients suffering from moderate depressive episodes changes when treated either with Laif® 900 or a drug from the SSRI drug class. Additionally, they also want to know if the drugs are effective, if patients are having any medical problems during the trial and how these problems will impact the overall cost of treatment. Patients participating in this trial will be followed in their routine clinical practice over a period of half a year.

Inclusion Criteria
-  The patient is suffering from moderate depression. 
 -  He or she is of age. 
 -  He or she is in a position to read and understand the language and contents of the material for the medical care research study (patient information and consent form). 
 -  He or she has consented in writing to take part in the study after appropriate briefing 
 -  The patient is not pregnant. 
 -  The patient is receiving Laif® 900 or SSRIs as first-line treatment in the current episode. 
 -  The patient is receiving Laif® 900 or SSRIs as a monotherapy.
Exclusion Criteria
-  Occurrence of a contraindication with respect to the current or proposed treatment regime.
 -  Withdrawal of consent to participate in the observational study by the patient.
 -  Non-conforming use of Laif® 900 or SSRIs.

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Laif® 900 (hypericum extract STW 3-VI, BAY98-7108)
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