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Multiple Sclerosis

US PROmyBETAapp2.0: A study to learn more about the medication usage and patient reported outcomes via the myBETAapp in medical care of patients with multiple sclerosis treated with BETASERON using BETACONNECT autoinjector

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Trial Purpose

In this study researchers want to learn more about the medication usage behavior among multiple sclerosis (MS) patients treated with BETASERON using the myBETAapp. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease in which the covering called "myelin" around the nerves of the central nervous system degenerate. MS is a lifelong disease therefore requiring continuous treatment to delay the disease progression and reduce the rate of relapse (the return of signs and symptoms of). BETASERON is an approved medicine used to reduce the relapse in patients with MS. It is injected into the tissue under the skin using BETACONNECT autoinjector, which automatically captures injection data including injection date, time, speed, and depth and uploads the data into paired myBETAapp. This allows patients to organize and track their progress and share the injection information with their physicians. The medication usage behavior to be collected in this study includes the elements to what extent
- taking medication matches the presciber′s recommendation (adherence, compliance),
- treatment for the prescribed duration (persistence) is continued and
- injections were missed.
Among MS patients treated with Betaferon using the myBETAapp the study will also collect information on the health-related quality of life , treatment satisfaction and satisfaction with treatment support.

Inclusion Criteria
- Aged ≥18 years
- Treated with BETASERON using the BETACONNECT autoinjector
- Registered with myBETAapp
- Provided electronic informed consent
Exclusion Criteria
- There are no exclusion criteria for participation in this study

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Could I receive a placebo?
Betaseron (Interferon beta-1b, BAY86-5046)
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Whippany, United States, 07981

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