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Multiple Sclerosis

PROmyBETAappGame: a study to learn more about the medication usage & Patient Reported Outcomes via the myBETAapp and to find out more about the usage of game principles and game design elements (gamification) in medical care of patients with multiple sclerosis treated with Betaferon

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Trial Purpose

In this study researchers wanted to learn more about the medication usage behavior among multiple sclerosis (MS) patients treated with Betaferon using the myBETAapp which includes the elements to what extent
- taking medication matched the presciber´s recommendation (adherence, compliance),
- treatment for the prescribed duration (persistence) was continued and
- injections were missed.
Among MS patients treated with Betaferon using the myBETAapp the study also collected information on the health-related quality of life, treatment satisfaction and satisfaction with treatment support.

Inclusion Criteria
- Patients aged ≥ 18 years.
- Patients on treatment with Betaferon (every Betaferon box contains a “Mixject” number, which is a product specific number unrelated to the study. Only patients prescribed Betaferon for their MS will be able to use the myBETAapp and participate in the study).
- Patients must be using the myBETAapp.
- Electronic informed consent must be obtained.
Exclusion Criteria
- No exclusion criteria for participation in this study were defined.

Trial Summary

Enrollment Goal
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Could I receive a placebo?
Betaseron (Interferon beta-1b, BAY86-5046)
Accepts Healthy Volunteers

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Many locations

Many locations, Germany

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