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Study on the safety of the drug BAY2395840 at different doses, the way the body absorbs, distributes and excretes the drug including the effect of its formulation (tablet or liquid) and the effect of food on the absorption, distribution or excretion of the drug in healthy male participants

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Trial Purpose

Researchers are looking for a better way to treat people who have endometriosis, a condition in which tissue similar to the lining of the uterus starts to grow in places outside of the uterus. The study treatment, BAY2395840, is being developed to help block certain proteins from causing inflammation and pain in people with endometriosis. But, this is the first time that researchers will study BAY2395840 in humans.

In this study, the researchers will learn how safe BAY2395840 is for the participants to take. They will also learn what happens to BAY2395840 in the body. The study will include about 56 healthy adult men.

All of the participants will take increasing doses of BAY2395840, or a placebo. A placebo looks like a treatment but does not have any medicine in it. Some of the participants will take their study treatment 1 time under diet 1 conditions. The other participants will take their study treatment 7 times with diet 1 or diet 2.

The participants will take BAY2395840 or the placebo as tablets or as a liquid by mouth. The participants will stay at the study site for up to 11 days . After that, they will visit the study site 1 more time. Each participant will be in the study for up to about 14 weeks.

During the study, the doctors will collect blood and urine samples and check the participants’ overall health and heart health. The participants will answer questions about how they are feeling, what medications they are taking, and what adverse events they are having. An adverse event is any medical problem that a participant has during a study. Doctors keep track of all adverse events that happen in studies, even if they do not think the adverse events might be related to the study treatments.

Inclusion Criteria
- Male participants of age 18 to 45 years (inclusive), at the time of signing the informed consent.
- Body mass index (BMI) ≥18 kg/m^2 and ≤30 kg/m^2.
- Participants who are overtly healthy.
- Race: White.
- Male participants of reproductive potential who are sexually active must agree to use contraception methods.
Exclusion Criteria
- Any findings from the medical examination (including medical history, physical examination, vital signs, laboratory tests and ECG) deviating from normal and deemed to be of clinical relevance by the investigator.
- Any known disease that was forbidden in the study as specified in study protocol.
- Any medication or drug use that was forbidden in the study as specified in study protocol.
- Any abnormal finding in Electrocardiogram (ECG), blood pressure or heart rate.
- Any clinical relevant deviation from normal range of laboratory parameters at screening.
- History of COVID-19.
- Prior contact with SARS-CoV-2 positive person or COVID-19 patient within the last 4 weeks prior admission to the ward.
- Positive SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA test.

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CRS Clinical Research Services Berlin GmbH

Berlin, Germany, 13353

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