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Hemophilia A

Exit interviews to assess impact of infusion frequency in Hemophilia A

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Trial Purpose

This study is to generate qualitative data to evaluate the impact of frequency of FVIII infusions on patients’ satisfaction with treatment and their quality of life.

Inclusion Criteria
- Patient is enrolled in the BAY94-9027 extension studies or is within 3 months of having completed participation in the BAY94-9027 extension studies;
 - Patient allocated to Arm 2, Arm 3 or Arm 4 of BAY94-9027 extension studies.
 -- Arm 2 Prophylaxis treatment of BAY94-9027; 2 infusions per week during the extension study 
 --Arm 3 Prophylaxis treatment of BAY94-9027; infusion every 5 days during the extension study 
 --Arm 4 Prophylaxis treatment of BAY94-9027; every 7 days during the extension study 
 - Evidence of a personally signed and dated informed consent document indicating that the patient has been informed of all pertinent aspects of the study;
 - Patient must be willing and able to participate in a telephone interview lasting up to 30 minutes;
 - Patient must have sufficient cognitive and linguistic capacities to allow them to actively participate in an interview lasting 30 minutes.
Exclusion Criteria
- Patient is part of Arm 1: On-demand treatment of BAY94-9027 at individual dose and number of infusions based upon location and severity of bleeds;
 - Patient is unlikely to comply with the study protocol (e.g. uncooperative attitude) or unlikely to complete the study for any reason in the opinion of the recruiter;
 - Patient has great difficulty hearing or reading;
 - Patient has any significant comorbid condition (including uncontrolled psychiatric conditions) that might limit or interfere with their ability to talk about their Hemophilia A and participate in the study;
 - Patient has severe neurological or cognitive deficits that might affect their ability to participate in an interview.

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Could I receive a placebo?
Jivi (Damoctocog, BAY94-9027)
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