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Sunscreening Agents

To assess the safety of a sunscreen product

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Trial Purpose

The objective of this study was to assess the safety and appropriateness of a sunscreen product for use on sport users, under supervised outdoor use conditions.

Inclusion Criteria
 -  Healthy males or females, 18 to 65 years of age with no medical conditions of the skin as determined by the subjects’ dermatological medical history.
 -  The subject must have Fitzpatrick skin types I to VI.
 -  During the selection process, potential subjects must agree to restrict their sun exposure activities for at least 5 days immediately preceding participation in the study. Subjects must be willing and physically able to spend approximately 3 continuous hours in the sun, must agree to immerse their entire body under water (including face and hair) at least 2 times during the water activity phase, and must agree to refrain from taking any medications during the study that might alter their response to sun exposure
 -  Subjects must agree to refrain from alcohol and tobacco use during the course of the study
 -  Subjects must obey all rules of the test facility
 -  Subjects must agree to refrain from tanning bed usage and significant non study related sun exposure during the study
Exclusion Criteria
No Exclusion Criteria Available

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Could I receive a placebo?
Accepts Healthy Volunteers

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St. Petersburg, United States, 33714

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